Solid Wood Wedding Announcement

Why not preserve the announcement of your special day and have your invitation that you sent to all your friends and family engraved on a beautiful piece of solid maple or cherry wood.  Prices vary by invitation, so call or email us for a quote. 

Custom Wedding Vase

This vase can be crafted from solid cherry or maple wood.  The vase is 10 inches tall by 5 inches wide with a glass insert.  The base has a battery powered light that illuminates the vase with a flickering light.  The base price is $62.00 plus costs of design and custom engraving.  Give us a call or email us to start your design and receive a quote.

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All products are hand made or engraved locally so shipping time and cost is dependent on your custom design so call us or email me.

Custom Engraved Cork Wedding Tree

This 21 inch wide by 27 inch long solid cherry frame has a custom engraved tree on cork that is perfect to use as your wedding guest book.  Guests sign the leaves and pin them on the tree.  They may be glued at a later time for a more permanent piece of artwork. Your names and engraved initials in the tree plus 100 leaves and pins are included.  Give us a call or email to work out the details on your custom tree.                                                                       $165.00

Wellsboro's Laser Engraving

Custom Wedding Cake Topper

Let us create the perfect wedding cake topper for your special day.  Toppers are created from wood that can be painted or stained.  These can be custom designed to go along with the theme of your wedding.  Prices vary by design, so call or email us for a quote.